Friday, June 17, 2011

I have a scooter!!!!!!!!!

Oh, this is so cool! I got a scooter for a Mother's Day/birthday combo present. I am soooo excited!
It's a Piaggio Fly, 150 cc. It's very, very cute, light gray and black.
I use it to go to school- where I teach-, to the post office, to the supermarket, it's just glorious!
The ride is very comfortable, and the scooter is pretty stable- except in high winds...I won't do that again :(
What I like about the scooter is that it's very cost efficient: about 65 miles per gallon; of course, the gas tank only holds 1 1/2 gallons, sooooo don't go too far away from a gas pump :)
There is a compartment under the seat, large enough for a purse and a few other items, however, this is no place for pets (see sign).

I had to laugh when I saw that. On second thought, I wouldn't carry ice cream in there either, the compartment being right above the engine...
Another thing I like about riding a scooter (as opposed to a motorcycle) is that I can get dressed up to go to work- in my Banana Republic suit, for example-, throw on a zippered jacket- it's cold at 6:45 am-, and wear high heeled dress shoes. I carry my work stuff (laptop and books) in a messenger bag from my shop (Bag du Jour on Etsy), and when I get to work, I  am ready to go- no need to carry a change of clothes.

Here is my latest favorite messenger bag- yes, in gray to match the scooter... :)

I ALWAYS wear a helmet, even though it is not required in my state, and a pair of gloves- if you've ever been hit by a large insect at 45 mph, you'll understand why...
All in all, I just love my scooter.
Thanks for reading~