Sunday, September 18, 2011

Making shoes

On Saturday, as my creativity was being seriously challenged and not liking it a bit, I decided to take a break from bag making. Mmmm, let's see. What could I get myself into.... Yes, got it!!!!
Several months ago,  I purchased a shoe pattern from Cheri  @ Shoeology on Etsy, so I decided to finally try one of the patterns and make a pair of house shoes. Perfect!
I selected the Upcycled Vintage Shoe pattern. I had a couple of pieces of  gray wool from an old pair of pants and some plaid flannel. With the weather getting a bit on the chilly side (at 7000 feet, fall settles in quickly), I wanted a pair of very cozy slippers.
Cheri's patterns are wonderful: well designed, great step-by-step directions, pictures, etc...
It took me less than two hours to make a pair of adorable slippers.
Here is the result:
Another view:
I finished the strap with a pair of star shaped mother-of-pearl buttons.
I can't wait to make another pair: I have just the dark navy plaid wool that will make another great pair of house shoes!

PS: A nice break from making bags was just what I needed. I went back to my original project (the bag's closure) and here it is:
The recycled army canvas satchel
This is the newest Satchel in my Zakken shop. The bag turned out even better than I imagined. Note the little star I stitched around a tear on the right. Click on the link to see more pictures of the bag.

Take care,