Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Waxed canvas backpack- the Trekker

I had a few orders to fill this weekend, and as a reward for being a good girl and working hard, when I was finished with my orders, I played with a backpack design that I have been thinking about for a long time. Introducing the Trekker...

Waxed canvas, leather, and cotton canvas... my favorite materials...
Here is the link with all the details:
I really need one for myself- in red waxed canvas- yes!!!!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Red Waxed Canvas Foldover Clutch

I have been very busy in the studio this week. Regular orders and custom orders have kept me on my toes from daybreak until late at night.
So, what do  I do when I need a break? Take a walk? Take a bath? Read a book?
Nah, I just grab my sketchbook, my pencil, and my measuring tape, and I think up another design...
Last week I received a shipment of waxed canvas, including a gorgeous deep red. This beautiful color has sparked a lot of ideas, including one that I put immediately into action: the Foldover Clutch.
The clutch is quite large (13.5" x 8.5 when folded). It is lined in tan cotton canvas, and for the closure it has a wide band of thick burgundy leather with a snap. It lies flat when not in use but it holds quite a bit.

I just adore the simple lines and the overall elegance of the clutch.
It is 6:40 am. Another cup of coffee, and back to work.
Have a beautiful day!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Waxed canvas and leather tote

The studio has been humming like a beehive. Between custom orders, I have designed a new waxed canvas tote. It is made of cream waxed canvas and 4oz. brown oil-tanned leather with a hint of red.

It is fairly large, and it has a zippered pocket on the inside.
I also received a shipment of waxed canvas this week, including a gorgeous dark red canvas. I can't wait to use it. In the meantime, I have to fill six orders for customers- so, back to work...
Have a wonderful weekend.

Another summer day...

The weather has been really great in the last couple of days: warm temperatures during the day, thunderstorms bringing much needed rain in the afternoon, and cool nights.
The garden looks great. I have green tomatoes, the zucchini are bravely blooming and the carrots will be ready to pick in a couple of weeks. I have had to come up with defensive tactics to protect all my plants from garden pests, namely deer.

When I planted my tomatoes back in June, I did not cover them that first night and in the morning, one plant had been chewed almost to the ground. I could tell what did it because of the hoof prints in the dirt. So, I covered the top of the cages with small gauge chicken wire, and stapled heavy duty plastic to the chicken wire. The plastic is repurposed- it is used to ship fabric rolls. very sturdy indeed. So my garden will never be on the front page of Home and Garden, but the coverings are very effective: the wire protects the plants from hail and four-legged thieves, and the plastic sides protect them from the wind and act as a greenhouse.

To protect the tender zucchini plants deer seem to love, I have surrounded the zucchini bed with dead branches - very organic, yay! and also- so far, cross my fingers- pretty effective.

I tried- one more time- to do some container planting and I like the results this time. Not sure what kind of yield I'll get, but hey, it's pretty!
Cherry tomatoes and zucchini

My Dr. Scholl's sandals have arrived! I am so thrilled!!! The leather is more strawberry red than the darker red I expected but I love them.

I love the way they click along on the concrete floor... and they are oh so comfortable...

I hope you will have time to work in the garden, smell the flowers, and take time for yourself today.