Saturday, March 30, 2013

New Bags in the Shop

 Another repurposed denim and leather tote with a lovely aqua and red lining this time.

 A  Foldover Tote that turns into a fabulous clutch when you remove the strap.

 The Waxed Canvas Tote in graphite gray with black leather.

The Foldover Tote in Tan

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Camp cot

Another finished project! Yay!

As I mentioned in a previous post, I had to redo the cover. The first one was much too tight. This one fits perfectly.

The pillows do add some punch! The red ones are eco linen. Julie is very pleased...and so am I!

My Alabama Chanin Bag

I have had quite a bit of fun planning my Alabama Chanin projects... Since I have owned Natalie's books for a couple of months, I have been poring over them and making lists of projects to make.
I started with a napkin to take to school, in the spirit of reusing things and reducing the usage of paper napkins. I keep the napkin in my drawer and bring it home from time to time to toss in the laundry. It is light pink with a gray border. Sorry no pix :(
The next project I picked was the tote bag because I wanted to practice the reverse applique technique. Here are a couple of pictures of the work in progress:
 I traced the stencil with permanent marker and stitched around the shapes with dark gray embroidery floss. I cheated a bit by using my own pattern for the tote- a folded over piece of fabric with square corners. I also used my brand new serger for the project...worked like a charm...

A close-up of the design

The final product

I finished the top with a topstitch- by hand, if you please- in dark gray embroidery floss. I did not split the thread, so the stitch makes more of a statement, while providing added support for the handles.

So, what have you been making lately?

Monday, March 11, 2013

New in the shop

The Foldover Waxed Canvas Clutch. Made out of ivory waxed canvas and lined with organic cotton in apple green, it will be perfect for Spring.
Check it out here:

Thank you for your feedback.

Enjoy the rest of your week.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

A couple of projects

After much research, I finally bought a serger. It is a Juki 654 DE, and so far, I love it!
It's taken me a couple of tries to get the thread tension right- my studio trashcan is full of strips of fabric that have been serged on both sides... From wool sweaters to waxed canvas and every fabric scrap in between, my little serger has serged everything.
The big plan is to use the serger to seam the large Weekender I have been working on. I was toying with a couple of different ideas:  #1, using French seams, or #2, lining the bag.
Solution # 1 will not work very well because of the thickness of the canvas and the bulkiness of the bag itself- it will be hard to put through the sewing machine; solution number 2 will add weight to an already pretty hefty bag. Hence the serging of the inside seams...Brilliant!

Back to today's projects. Spring may be coming soon to your neck of the woods, but here winter is not giving up. We had a small blizzard yesterday, and even though the sun is out today, it is below freezing. The high winds make it feel like Siberia- not that I have ever been there, but I can only imagine...

I found a stash of old wool sweaters that *somebody* must have put in the dryer at some point. After looking for design ideas on the internet, I came up with my own pair of arm warmers-

Are they cute or what???
BTW, it is really hard to take a picture of one's arm :)
The most difficult part was the thumb hole. You have to serge the edge of two strips of wool (the ones around the hand, in my case the brown strip and the narrow striped strip) from the seam side for about 1.5" before you seam the strips together. Of course you will stop the seam where the edging begins. When you do your long seam- the one that goes along the arm- , you will have what looks like a buttonhole on one side of the seam through which to put your thumb.

My other weekend project is to finish making a cover for a vintage camp cot that I purchased on ebay last Fall.
I removed the dirty white cover and made one out of 12 oz. canvas in graphite. The cover in the picture is actually the second try. The first cover was way too tight and the fabric resonated like a drum if you dropped a coin on it - yes, we tried :)
I was afraid that the seams would give away if someone over one hundred pounds sat on the cot- it is supposed to serve as casual seating in Julie's new house.

The pillows really complement the gray color. The front is a large mod floral pattern, the back is  a tiny cream and black check- see picture above. The pillow covers are removable to allow for a change in color scheme. I guess I'd better get cracking on more pillow covers.

So many fabrics, so little time...

Let me know what you think of my projects.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Why I love "Chopped"!

I do not watch a lot of TV. Actually, I rarely watch TV aside from the news channels. However, there is this one show that I love to watch when I have the time: "Chopped".
I turn it on when I am cooking dinner sometimes, and I get caught up in the frenzy of chopping, dicing, and putting strange ingredients together for a delicious dish. Yes, I even talk to myself: "Come on, one more minute, plate your dishes!".
About two weeks ago, I watched a very special show. The competing chefs were school cafeteria cooks, two of them from Colorado. It was amazing to see those ladies cook and help each other during the competition- not your typical "Chopped" episode.
Just like during any other episode, one chef was chopped after each dish- to the profound dismay of the others. One of the judges was Sam Kass, one of the White House chefs.
At the end of the show, of course, only one chef was still standing, and she was awarded the $10,000 prize.
To everyone's surprise, Ted Allen called the other contestants back in the studio. They were each awarded $5,000 and an invitation to spend the day at the White House with Sam Kass, visiting the kitchen, the kitchen garden as well as having lunch there. Everybody was very emotional, the judges, the contestants, and I am sure 95% of the viewing audience- yes, I had to grab a couple of tissues as well :)
What a classy ending! I love "Chopped"!!!