Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Sale in my Bag du Jour shop

Hello friends,
Today really feels like the end of summer. The weather has been so unseasonably nice that I felt like winter would stay away forever. Oh boy, was I wrong...
It is getting chilly, it is windy, and *sigh* the boys brought in my potted orange, lime, and lemon trees as well as the fig tree (with a couple of figs on it) and the zucchini planter- oh yes, the potted grapevine too.
The above mentioned plants have been living outside for four months- at 7,500 feet, a spectacular feat.
The tomatoes are still coming, so I made a cover for them with the heavy duty plastic that is wrapped around my lovely fabric bolts. Talk about re-purposing!

I am thinking of closing my Bag du Jour shop on Etsy It is very, very, quiet, and I sell tons more on Zakken. I have a bunch of ready-to-ship bags and I am offering a 20% discount coupon (bagdujour20). Here is a small sample of the goodies:

Take the time to enjoy the fall colors in your little corner of the world. Southern hemisphere friends: enjoy the end of winter and the fresh colors of Spring :)